Buying-in and part-exchange

At Reem Jewellery we purchase unwanted jewellery items and will make an offer based on up to date market value regarding precious metals. No item is too big or too small, any item will be considered. We will offer instant cash for your item, so you’ll leave our store with money in your pocket that same visit. Furthermore, we offer a part exchange service if a customer would like to sell an item and utilise the money towards a new product with Reem Jewellery.

We are proud of our reputation for giving fair prices. If you are thinking of selling, please bring them to store in person for a no obligation assessment and sale guidance.

Please bring a photo ID if you want to sell your jewellery. We will not be able to buy your items without a form of identification. It would also be benificial if you can provide a reciept related to the purchase of the jewellery you are intending to sell.