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Since 1958
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Reem Jewellery provides a range of in-store services to meet your every need.

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About us

Founded from art inspiration and elegance fashion.

Let’s travel back to 1958 when our story began. In the heart of Baghdad, a young and passionate entrepreneur started a journey in jewelry. With a strong commitment to quality and a love for intricate designs, he built the foundation of our legacy.

As time passed, our story grew. By the 1980s, we had expanded into the markets of Syria, two branches of Reem Jewellery was at the heart of Damascus in Al-Hamidiyah market; carrying on the same passion that had been passed down through generations.

This love for jewellery is deeply woven into our family’s history. In 2011, we decided to bring our journey to the United Kingdom, serving our customers with dedication and grace.

Our story is about ambition, precision, and an unwavering dedication to the art of jewellery. It’s a tale that spans generations and borders, celebrating the beauty of finely crafted jewellery.

Our story is one of relentless ambition, a passion for precision, and an unwavering commitment to the art of jewellery that has transcended time and borders. It’s a narrative that celebrates the beauty of refined craftsmanship and the enchanting world of jewelry

Reem Jewellery is more than just an independent, family-run jewellery store; it’s a haven for those who understand that jewellery is more than adornment; it’s a reflection of individuality and a celebration of life’s moments. We specialise in crafting exquisite pieces using precious metals, with a deep appreciation for the importance of personal taste, style, and design in your jewellery choices.

At Reem Jewellery

our promise to you is simple yet profound: we aim to provide a shopping experience that surpasses your expectations in every aspect. We are committed to achieving this by:
Personalised Attention

Each visit to our store is met with exceptional attention, as we understand that selecting jewellery is not merely a transaction but a journey to mark and celebrate the moments that matter most in life.

Middle-Eastern Heritage & Design

is deeply rooted in traditional Arabic aesthetics, evident in our jewellery selection. This infusion of heritage imbues our jewellery pieces with a nostalgic charm that sets them apart in terms of both design and intricate detailing

Quality and Value

We are dedicated to offering jewellery that not only meets the highest standards of quality but also provides superior value in terms of craftsmanship, price, selection, and ultimately, your satisfaction.

At Reem Jewellery, we don’t just provide jewellery; we offer a profound and heartfelt way to celebrate life’s special occasions and to make each day a little brighter. Our dedication to your satisfaction is our guiding principle, and we look forward to being a part of your journey as you explore, discover, and celebrate the beauty of precious metals.

Amazing service at this jewellers which is why I always come back. Very polite and comfortable exchange here, will be definitely be returning soon! Thank you for the lovely experience
Sarah AZ
Sarah AZ
Excellent staff and service!! I visited the shop today and was impressed with the variety of gold pieces. Very professional and helpful when it comes to choosing the right piece and adjusting it to fit your needs. Highly recommended
Lee Hariri
Lee Hariri
Best jewellery in London, very honest people and calm vibe in the shop
Ekhlas Ahmed
Ekhlas Ahmed
Classy treatment and consideration of the customer’s circumstances. I dealt with them more than once. I liked their gold collection
Randa maglad
Randa maglad
The best gold shop in town and the stuff very it’s very friendly and they made us feel we own the shop . Make sure you try them out
Samer Khalil
Samer Khalil
Hamed was a great sales man. Very friendly, reseaonable prices and excellent selection for all occasions
EM Kola
EM Kola