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Buying-in and Part-Exchange

Buying-in and part-exchange

At Reem Jewellery, we specialize in purchasing unwanted jewelry items and base our offers on the most current market values of precious metals. We welcome items of all sizes, and no item is too big or small; we consider everything. We provide immediate cash payments, allowing you to leave our store with money in hand during your visit. Additionally, we offer a part-exchange service for customers interested in selling items to fund the purchase of new products at Reem Jewellery.

Our commitment to fairness and integrity is a point of pride for us. If you’re contemplating selling your items, we encourage you to visit our store in person for a no-obligation evaluation and guidance on the selling process.

For your convenience, please ensure you bring a valid photo ID when selling your jewelry, as we cannot proceed without proper identification. If possible, having a receipt related to the purchase of the jewelry you intend to sell can also be beneficial.