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Hand and Laser Engraving

Hand and Laser Engraving

Reem Jewellery is pleased to provide both hand and laser engraving services, offering you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your jewelry by incorporating special messages, names, or significant dates. Our engraving services are designed to transform your jewelry into a unique and meaningful keepsake.

Here’s what you can expect from our engraving options:

Our polishing services cover a spectrum of finishes, including but not limited to:

Hand Engraving

Our skilled artisans employ a stunning script font to create intricate, hand-crafted engravings. This method adds a touch of traditional elegance to your jewelry, making it a truly personalized and timeless piece.

Laser Engraving

For those seeking more versatility in font choices and the potential for intricate patterns or images, our laser engraving service is the ideal choice. Laser engraving is incredibly precise and can accommodate a wide range of digitized fonts and design elements, making it perfect for creating intricate and detailed engravings.

Please keep in mind that our engraving services may require varying completion times:

Hand engraving

Hand engraving typically necessitates a minimum of 1 day for us to provide the level of detail and craftsmanship that you deserve.

Laser Engraving

due to its precision and complexity, typically requires a minimum of 5 days for completion. This extra time allows us to ensure that the engraving is perfect and meets your expectations.

With Reem Jewellery, you can trust that your personalized jewelry will be expertly engraved, creating a lasting and sentimental connection to your cherished pieces.